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Naughty Confessions

Edited by Elizabeth Coldwell By Pip Huxley, D L, llellsee and Silvee

Naughty Confessions
EPUB, 54 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781909520080
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 1st December 2012

Category: Anthology / Bundle, Contemporary, Mixed Themes

Rating: 0 vote(s).

A collection of erotic short stories compiled fromn the winning entries from the OhhMy… student writing competition.

The Perfect Pair by Pip Huxley

The graduation ball isn’t going as Em hoped, as the man of her dreams shows his true love rat colours. Luckily, her two best friends, Arthur and David, are about to take her mind off him and make it the naughtiest night of her university career.

Pleasing Teacher by DL

When Teacher requests she visit him for ‘attitude adjustment’, she learns what it means to submit to him – in and out of the classroom. And he’s happy to discover she’s the most willing pupil he’s ever had the pleasure of teaching.

A Fetish Party to Remember by llellsee

With the help of her sexy friend Tilly and a brand new sex toy, Michelle has an evening of fetish fun she’ll never forget. Her fantasies of woman-on-woman action are about to be made delicious reality

Hot Tub Photoshoot by Silvee

When Silvee is hired by a couple to take part in a raunchy photoshoot, the action just gets hotter and hotter – even when the cameras stop filming. Just how much naughty fun can five people have in and around a hot tub?


‘I want to propose a toast,’ I said. ‘To good friends and the start of a new life!’

David frowned at me. ‘Woah! Too grown up? How about to the joys of alcohol?’

‘Nah, yours both suck!’ Arthur chimed in. ‘To good company and damn fine music.’

We all chinked our glasses together and shouted, ‘Down it in one!’

I shot a gulp back and an explosion of bubbles fizzed into my mouth and almost out of my nose. Arthur exclaimed loudly and David whooped, ‘Not sure I’ve ever had champagne – well not a nice bottle like this!’

Arthur put a record on and I started to dance around the room, taking sips of champagne. The Oli incident was now a million miles away and I was glad to be shot of him. I looked at David and Arthur and felt a rush of elation to know them and be in their company. I felt sad thinking we’d not see each other regularly after we all left university.

‘You OK?’ said Arthur.

I hadn’t realised I’d been in a bit of daydream. ‘Yeah, sorry, just a bit sad that this is one of the last times we’ll all be together like this. You know, like the old days, just hanging out.’

I sat on the sofa, nursing my glass. Arthur snuggled next to me and put his arm around me. ‘Hey, don’t be daft! We’ll be inviting each other up for wild parties, you’ll see!’

David replaced a record in its sleeve and sat the other side of me. He rested his hand on my knee and said, ‘So why were you crying earlier, then?’

‘Long story,’ I said.

‘We have all night,’ said David.

‘OK. You know Oli?’ I said. ‘I’ve been seeing him.’

Arthur coughed some of his champagne up in shock. ‘You what?’

‘But he’s going out with – with Tina, isn’t he?’ spat David.

‘Well, yes …’ I replied.

Arthur rolled his eyes. ‘Oh … like that, hey?’

‘Anyway … Turns out I’m not the only girl that Oli’s been playing away with. It was Hockey Girl. You know her. I caught them – post-coital in the girl’s toilet.’

‘I’m sorry, Em,’ said David. ‘You don’t deserve to be treated like that.’

‘Yeah, you’re too good for that,’ hissed Arthur.

‘No, I deserved it.’ I laughed. ‘I’m a hussy!’

David and Arthur laughed.

We all sat, not talking, just listening to the good vibes. David and Arthur leant into their respective corners of the sofa, and I curled up between them. Nothing more was said about my indiscretion.

‘Can you give me that foot massage again, Arthur?’ I said, and lay against David, resting my aching feet on Arthur’s legs. He rubbed my feet as I nestled into David’s arm.

‘Stroke my hair again,’ I said, leaning back.

‘Any other requests, m’lady?’ David chuckled.

An incredibly naughty thought flashed in my mind then dived for cover. I lifted my head and took out several hair pins, letting my hair flop out in curly clumps, then leant into David’s chest. He played with my hair. As I lay there, David moved his hand over my head, kneading gently with his firm fingers. When he touched the nape of my neck it made my spine tingle. I closed my eyes and let the sensations wash over me.

Arthur worked his hands and fingers over the balls of my feet, my soles and toes, firmly enough to not tickle and with incredible finesse. As he squeezed and manipulated, he eased his fingers along my calf. I raised my knee so he could work my muscles, aching from wearing high heels all evening. I found myself kneading his leg with my toes, working my way from his knee, then his thigh, all the way along to his groin.

I turned my head to David. He smiled at me. He grinned blissfully. Our lips were very close. He looked at my lips and I thought for one minute he was going to lean in to kiss me. I glanced over to look at Arthur. His eyes were closed, legs open. Was he asleep? No. He was still massaging my feet, but slowly, and he had now repositioned the ball of my foot on his lap. I watched his eyes as I gently scrunched my toes into his balls, then I rubbed back and forth with the ball of my foot. He didn’t open his eyes. He relaxed his legs. I kept rubbing with the inside of my foot, feeling his penis harden. I watched his lips part. Before long, I’d lost track of how long we three lay there touching and getting more turned on.

Eventually I said, ‘Guys, it’s late and I want to get out of this dress, it’s killing me.’

‘Yeah, of course,’ sighed Arthur. ‘We’ve overstayed our welcome.’

David looked at his watch. ‘Is that the time?’

‘I’ll call a cab!’ Arthur said, standing up, then swayed and sat down immediately. ‘Think I may have drunk a tad too much.’

‘No, let’s walk, I could do with sobering up,’ replied David, easing himself out of the sofa.

Arthur stood and adjusted the bulge in his trousers.

‘You live miles away. You should stay over, here. I’ve got some sleeping bags, just grab some cushions and bring them up. You can sleep on my bedroom floor.’

They were too tired to argue. We grabbed cushions and went upstairs. I found sleeping bags and the boys arranged them as best they could on my bedroom floor.

‘I’m going to get out of this dress. You can use the bathroom after, if you want.’ I said, as I grabbed my nightie and fresh knickers and went into the bathroom to change.

David was standing in his boxer shorts, browsing through my bookshelf, when I came back into my room. He had a slim, mostly hairless chest and long legs. Arthur was lying on his sleeping bag in his underpants, arms behind his head, staring up at the ceiling. He was singing, and his foot was bobbing about. His chest and legs were hairy.

‘You can use the bathroom if you want,’ I said, stepping over Arthur.

Arthur rolled out of his sleeping bag and got up. David followed him out of the room. I turned off the bedside lamp. The lights of my stereo pulsed in the darkness. I slipped into my bed and stretched out under the covers, enjoying all the room of my double bed and the cool feel of the duvet. I felt incredibly horny as I listened to the music in the darkness. I slid my fingers under my knickers.

I must have drifted off, because I woke to giggling from the bathroom and then footsteps on the landing as the boys came back into my bedroom.

‘Woah! Who turned out my eyes?’ exclaimed Arthur.

They both attempted to get into their sleeping bags, stumbling around in the darkness, and I heard the frantic sounds of the swishing of zips. I cracked up and doubled with laughter at their efforts. They started laughing too, then swearing, and then Arthur threw his sleeping bag at David.

‘You’re useless!’ I said. And then, as if my horny subconscious was speaking on my behalf, I added, ‘Well, if you can’t get into your sleeping bags there’s only one option left!’

David and Arthur whispered to one another in the darkness, then they both leapt onto my bed. I screamed in excitement and surprise as they tunnelled under the covers. I ducked under, and what followed was a combination of wrestling and tickling until David and Arthur had me begging them to stop, as I feared I might wet myself from laughter. We all remained there in the dim light, breathing heavy under the covers.

I turned my body and we spooned into each other, my arm around David’s waist, Arthur’s arm around mine. My heart raced, my mind considering the options and consequences. David’s hair smelled of fruity shampoo. I could smell his skin. I didn’t want Arthur’s arm to leave my waist.

‘Do you think we’ll be friends for ever?’ I said.

I wriggled for space, then stretched out on my back.

I lay there, Arthur one side, David the other, listening to the sound of breathing, thoughts of what I desired dancing through my mind.

I placed my hands on their thighs. Arthur’s was firm and had tight little curly hairs. David’s leg felt smoother, leaner. I felt tingles of anticipation.

Nobody spoke.

Just breathing, syncopated rhythms, sunny anthems of a time now gone. But one last night to celebrate it all.

I turned to David. I could feel his lips close, his breath on mine. He moved closer, our lips touched briefly, then we kissed. He kissed me again, longer, fuller, our tongues touched. We gently explored tongues that before had only been used to speak. I felt his hand slip through my hair as he kissed me.

Arthur’s hand squeezed my bottom. David continued to explore my mouth. I felt his hand moving up my body as far as he dared. Arthur eased my legs apart. I wanted them to go further. David moved his hand over my breasts, used his fingers to circle my nipples till they hardened under the fabric of my nightie.

They were so close, both exploring my body. David kissed my neck. I turned away to Arthur. I couldn’t see his face in detail, only a shape in the darkness. We were working on touch. I reached out to pull his face close to mine. Our lips came together. Our mouths widened.

They hitched up my nightie and each cupped my breasts. I felt warm breath on my skin, lips kissing my areola and then my nipples, sucked. I felt like I might come as their attention triggered waves of pleasure. I ran my fingers through David’s long, curly hair as he kissed my chest all over.

Hands explored my legs, fingers tracing patterns along my body. No words were exchanged. I wasn’t sure who touched whom, but I felt fingers probe my knickers, edging inside. I was kissed on both sides of my neck, shoulders, breasts, and then fingers impatiently teased my knickers apart, exposing me. I closed my eyes and concentrated on their touches, my feelings, the kisses, and movement. Bliss.

Feeling their impatience, I slid off my knickers and slipped my nightie over my head and threw it into the darkness. David and Arthur wriggled about on the bed. They stripped off their pants and threw them after mine.

There was no turning back.

I looked up at two shadows kneeling above me, horny and expectant.

I moved my hands towards them. In the darkness, the feel of their hairy balls for the first time made me wet. I felt their stiff dicks, hard and erect. I held each in my hand.

The boys were soon all over my breasts and nipples, my stomach and legs, and then fingers touched my labia, and a finger on my clitoris, then a finger rubbing, easing over my wet lips. They took it in turn to finger me.

My back arched and I moaned out in ecstasy, my neck flushed with heat as the breakers of an orgasm crashed over me, my legs twitching as I climaxed, fingers deep inside me.

I lay back on my pillow, panting in the middle of the bed.

Normal time resumed.

I breathed deeply, then sat up on my knees. I told them to lie down. They obediently swapped places with me and stretched out on the bed, side by side. I looked at the dark shapes of their bodies in my bed then leant between their legs and whispered, ‘Who’s first, then?’

I grabbed their dicks and draped my hair over, going from one to the other, teasing their swollen heads near my mouth. I could hear moans from both of them. I slipped Arthur’s dick into my mouth. I licked the tip and shaft and held onto David’s penis firmly in my other hand. Arthur tensed his legs under my weight as I sucked and licked. I jacked off David so he wouldn’t feel left out. When I could feel Arthur throbbing in my mouth I turned to David’s cock and kissed it all over until he was wriggling under me with pleasure, then went down on him until I felt my nose touch his balls. He exclaimed and pushed his cock up into my mouth. I eased his length out and kissed his penis and played with his balls, while rubbing Arthur simultaneously.

I sat up and said, ‘Shift up a bit closer. Come on, we’re all good friends.’

They shuffled close. I leant down, taking both dicks in my hands. I ran my tongue across their smooth, intimate skin. I increased my stroke, holding each length firmly, giving both the same attention, bobbing my head up and down until they were wet with saliva, until it was too much for them to hold back. I felt David’s penis convulse, heavy in my mouth, then spurt on my tongue. Arthur followed, gushing over my mouth and lips and chin. I milked the last drops until they felt soft in my hand. They were spent and so was I. They shifted apart and I crashed down, exhausted. Three sweating bodies lay in the darkness.

Within minutes we were asleep.

And I’m sure you all want to know what happened the next morning. Was it painful and excruciating to look each other in the eye? Well, yes, at first it was, a bit, and we didn’t mention our incredible night together in so many words ever again. It was all just winks and nods, and before long we were back to flirting and laughing and being friends – friends with my perfect pair.

Elizabeth Coldwell

Elizabeth Coldwell joined Xcite Books in 2011. Formerly the editor of the UK edition of Forum magazine and co-founder of the Guild of Erotic Writers, she has been writing erotic fiction for over twenty years and her work has been widely published in the UK and US. She enjoys writing across the spectrum of erotica genres, from m/m space opera to girl/girl messy fun, vanilla to BDSM, paranormal to contemporary.

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